They Coulda Been Contenders!
Or wall-hangers--but we released them all!!




Drake Whitlock tied his first fly in 1957, at age 10, the start of a lifetime love of fly fishing. In 1986 he helped launch the Hunter Banks Company, which quickly became one of the premier fly shops in the Southeast. The business provided opportunities for fly fishing throughout the Rockies, Argentina (for Brown and Rainbow Trout) and the tropics (sight-fishing for Permit, Bonefish and Tarpon). At the end of 2003 Drake sold his shares of the business and retired from "behind the counter" to re-dedicate himself to fishing--and taking people fishing!
Picture of Drake Whitlock holding a large brown trout


Teo Whitlock has been fly fishing since he was old enough to walk--not surprising, as he is Drake's son! In between stints at College of Charleston and UNCA (and working the fly shop since he was 15) he has spent a season on the Henry's Fork working for Hyde Outfitters, and has several years experience guiding for Hunter Banks Company. "What I like best is teaching clients that what they thought was most intimidating--like midging with #24's on 8x tippets for big, selective Browns--is easily within their skill level. It's always a break-through moment on the stream..."
picture of 2 year-old Teo Whitlock with fly rod in hand on banks of a trout stream Picture of Teo Whitlock holding large rainbow trout caught on the South Holston River


Jay Dodd, a native of Asheville NC, was born into a trout fishing family. His dad showed him the game trails and trout streams of Western North Carolina, and taught him to fly fish at an early age. With a father and mother that loved to fly fish there was no doubt that he would become an accomplished angler. Jay loves chasing wild brown trout on the Davidson River and floating the tailwaters of east Tennessee. He is also renowned for his trophy muskelunge guiding on the historic French Broad River, a pursuit which has resulted in his logging countless hours in jet boats and McKenzie style drift boats. A day with this seasoned outdoorsman would make any of us a more knowledgeable angler!
Jay Dodd holds a big brown trout Jay Dodd holds a big Musky


Forrest Marshall grew up in Rutherfordton and began fly fishing at age 12.  He cut his teeth on the selective fish of the Davidson River and now enjoys spending time in backcountry chasing native brookies as well as stalking the wary browns of the South Holston.  He graduated from UNCA with a phd in trout and, oh yeah, a degree in business as well.  Forrest works for the local fly shop and is well versed on many of the local streams and rivers in and around Asheville. As you can see below, he wears 'em out on the Davidson River...
Picture of Altamont Anglers Guide Forrest Marshall holding a large rainbow trout caught on the Davidson River


Jake Chiles, a native of Asheville, North Carolina, could be found at a very early age fly fishing the local streams with his father. Jake attended NC State University where he received a degree in Landscape Technology. He now runs Southern Creations Landscaping and guides on his days off. Jake is an accomplished fly tier, fly fisherman and smallmouth fisherman. A day on the water with Jake is assured to be a good one.
Asheville fly fishing guide, Jake Chiles, with a big Watauga River Striped bass. Asheville fly fishing guide Jake Chiles with a big brown trout


Joe Spencer  From Georgia,  has been doing the fly rod thing since he was 13 years of age on the big Nasty Chattahoochie, and been fishing since he was a midget.  It all began in farm ponds in Georgia fishing as a kid, and then after he started fishing rivers of the Smokies, he knew still water was a thing of the past.  Rivers are what attract Joe most to fishing: the ambiance and environment, thats what he like to share most.  Joe has traveled to Patagonia, NZ, Australia, and Latin Americ, always searching for rivers.   Each bend in a river promises something new, be it fish or danger--it's enthralling.  Joe always found some truth to the kernel by that old geezer Henry David Thoreau.  "Men go fishing all their lives without knowing it's not the fish they are after."
Asheville NC fly fishing guides Joe Spencer


Travis Honeycutt arrived on the planet in June of 1983 ready to fish. It took another 11 years for Travis to discover fly fishing, which quickly became his principal obsession, ahead of bass fsihing, turkey, deer and small-game hunting, and automobiles. Travis' puts his degree in Auto Technologies to use in the off-season, but devotes his energies most of the year to providing the quality angling experience expected by Altamont Anglers' clients. His favorite activities during his time off are dry-fly fishing the South Holston River and--the sin that knows no name--night-fishing on the South Holston River. The picture below shows Travis doing what good guides do for their clients (that's Travis on the right)...


Travis Brotherton  has two big passions in life: fly fishing and golf (golf? go figure) and he's gone pro in both sports, teaching duffers to hit the wee white ball and guiding anglers to the trophies of their dreams on our beautiful mountain streams. Equally adept at the oars chasing big browns or bass or wading stealthily up on unsuspecting brookies, Travis will never let an angling client down.
Asheville NC fly fishing guides Travis Brotherton


Stephen Morris grew up on Pawley's Island, SC as he says, "a creek rat", a complimentary term for a denizen of the backwaters north of Charleston harbor noted for their wildlife and abundant fishing. After graduating from college he moved to the mountains near Asheville, NC partly to pursue a love of trout fishing fostered during family visits to the mountains during his youth. The love for the outdoors and wildlife nurtured during his boyhood on Pawley's Island is obvious to the clients he guides, as is his skill and patience with beginning fly fishers.
Stephen Morris stands behind his client as she poses with here catch


Jason VanDyke grew up fishing the streams, rivers and lakes of Western North Carolina and his passion for the outdoors has never diminished. Spend a day with Jason and you will be the beneficiary not just of his 20+ years experience on the water, but of his warmth, patience and ebullient personality as well. As you can see below, he knows whereof he speaks...
Asheville North Carolina fly fishing guides


Gus Katsigianis comes from a long line of outdoorsmen, as his ancestors hail from the mountains of Greece, where catching wild brown trout was more than recreation, it was a necessity. Gus' father put him on his first trout when he was only 8 years old, and--let's just say it stuck! Being in the outdoors is Gus' personal obsession, making it difficult to get him off the water at times (luckily he has a very understanding wife). Gus says "I grew up fishing the waters here and hopefully I'll be
doing the same when I go".
Gus is equally at home putting you on Smallies or Trout:

(Altamont Anglers operates on Pisgah National Forest Rivers under USDA Forest Service Permit #PIS6560)

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