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We've been guiding anglers to the streams & rivers around our hometown of Asheville, North Carolina since 1986 . Over the years we've learned what it takes to keep our clients contented and our guides enthusiastic. The prices, conditions and policies below result from 25 years experience in providing our customers with trophy memories and happy wallets!

Altamont Anglers Rates, Conditions and Cancellation Policy

North Carolina or Tennessee Float trips:
Full day: 1 or 2 anglers--$450  Half day: 1 or 2 anglers--$350

Trip Duration: Half-day trips amount to 4 hours of on-stream time. Full-day trips amount to 8 hours of on-stream time--transportation to and from the river does not count against your stream-time.

A Guided Trip Includes:
Fishing Gear--
We provide basic outfits (rod, reel, flyline) and wading gear (stocking-foot waders with felt-soled wading boots) for clients who need them. This can save weight and space for those traveling to the area, although most clients prefer to use their own equipment.
Food--Due to Covid-19 guides will not provide lunches--clients may pack their own food
Terminal Tackle--meaning leaders and flies: your guide will have the leaders and flies necessary for the trip, with the understanding that any flies lost (to trees or trout) or damaged (by trout teeth, for example) have been purchased by you at $1.75 each. This charge will be appended to the balance of the guide fee due to be charged to the Visa or Mastercard with which you booked the trip.

But you need to provide:
Fishing licenses--available on-line by following the "fishing licenses" link at the top of this page. Residents of North Carolina should select the Comprehensive License option, a $20 license which includes the necessary Trout Stamp and is good for 12 months from the date of purchase. Non-residents--a license including the Trout Stamp is $20 for one day, $25 for three days, and $40 for the annual license. Similar choices are available at the link for Tennessee licenses. 
Sunglasses & raingear --are recommended. The sunglasses should be polarized (cutting surface glare and allowing easier wading and fish spotting), but are essential eye protection in any case. Raingear makes life more pleasant in an unexpected cloudburst!
Gratuities--are not included in our guide fees, but are appreciated by our hard-working guides. If you feel that you've gotten good service, feel free to show your gratitude!

Booking and Cancellations:
A 50% deposit is required to book a guided trip (we accept Visa, Mastercard and personal checks) and the balance is due on the day of the trip. Shortly after booking your trip you will receive a confirmation letter. If paying by check, the deposit is due upon receipt of the confirmation; if paying by credit card the deposit will be collected upon booking the trip. If reservations are cancelled more than 30 days before a scheduled trip, a full refund of deposit will be issued. Deposits are forfeited on trips cancelled between seven and thirty days prior. Clients are responsible for full payment when cancellations are made less than seven days before the scheduled trip. Cancellations due to weather will be rescheduled.

Terms and conditions subject to change by AA staff

(Altamont Anglers operates on National Forest Rivers under USDA Forest Service Permit #PIS656001)

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